Museums and private collectors worldwide prize these antiques for both their beauty and monetary value.



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The horn is also used to make dagger handles in countries such as Yemen and Oman. These daggers handle are very expensive and a symbol of prestige in these countries

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We offer good deals of ivory supplies; Elephant tusk and rhino horn to our clients worldwide and with a 24/7 availability.

White rhino horn from East Africa and Elephant tusk from Central Africa.

Our Ivory comes in varying lengths and sizes. We got a horn for everyone.

We understand the laws surrounding the ivory trade so, we protect each client’s identity because of this.

Our shipping methods and packaging techniques are unique and revolutionary. We boast of an admirable success rate to Asia, Europe and USA.

We are top leaders in Elephant Tusk and Ivory supplies from Africa. Boasting of our products in museums worldwide and suppliers to a handful of private collectors as well, we are a contact away from presenting you with a Lifetime opportunity.