Elephant Tusk

Ivory Supplies: The best place for real elephant tusks for sale

The industry of luxury jewelry and ornaments often uses expensive materials that are not so easy to find on the market. Ivory is a substance that frequently appears in these items because of its unique color and texture. Of course, companies that offer elephant tusks for sale set pretty high prices. The reason for this is that extraction of ivory has been significantly limited by the UNO because the population of these animals decreases due to poachers’ activity. But we have genuine elephant tusks for sale that are gathered without killing these beautiful creatures. That’s why we don’t add extra costs to our prices for risky trade.
Have a look at our products’ features to understand what purposes they can serve:

  • We offer ivory elephant tusks for sale that are both durable and soft, which makes them perfect for manufacturing furniture as well as carving tiny ornaments.
  • They are extracted from adult animals, so there is no cavity inside. Each tusk is entirely solid and, therefore, has more valuable material that can be used in production.
  • You can buy elephant ivory that is dense and polished with true mastery and thoroughness.
  • We sell tusks of creamy light color, soft gloss, and smooth texture. These qualities allow them to be used as decorative elements, even without further processing.

At Ivory Supplies, you will get products of the highest quality. We sell only real tusks, not fakes. This is what makes us the best supplier of these rare items.

Are our elephant ivory tusks for sale legal?

We carry out only a limited number of deals annually because of the restrictions imposed by wildlife protection organizations. So, if you ask yourself, “Where can I buy elephant tusks without breaking the law?”, contacting us is the first step. Even if you live in a country that strictly prohibits such trade, we can guarantee that you won’t become a subject for prosecution. To ensure the safety of our clients, Ivory Supplies carefully protects their identity.
Tusks have been considered luxurious objects from ancient times, and they remain the apex of sophistication even today. If you wonder why, you should buy elephant ivory from us to see their beauty with your own eyes. We assure you that once you feel the smooth surface of our tusks, you will understand what makes them so valuable straight away.


Tusks are used to produce ivory, which is used in artifacts and jewelry, billiards balls, identification chops and formerly in other items such as piano keys.

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